Program Design, Development & Management

MSI Group Ltd. (operating previously as Mooney Solutions Inc.) has supported utilities in designing and delivering energy efficiency programs for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

We were responsible for the development of business cases and worksheet revisions for major CDM programs including: Small Business Lighting, High Performance New Construction, Retrofit Non-Lighting, Horticulture worksheet, Unitary AC, Retrofit Lighting, and Compressed Air.

MSI Group has conducted market research and stakeholder engagements in support of the program development process including identification of new measures, program/measure/delivery costs, delivery mechanisms, and incentive structure.

program Evaluation, Measurement & Verification

MSI Group has reviewed hundreds applications on behalf of numerous LDC’s throughout the province for the saveONenergy programs.

Training & Facilitation

We often act as a project manager and facilitator in bringing together multiple stakeholders to input to the design and development of programs and associated business cases that are required to support the approval of a new or revised program.